Friday, April 19, 2013


Subject: ANNIE McCANN [Serious] Investigation
To: "Deanne Rzeczkowski"
Cc: "Mayor" , "Dean Palmere"
Date: Friday, April 19, 2013, 9:23 AM

April 19, 2013

Dear Deanne Rzeczkowski;

I appreciate your email response pursuant to a letter I sent Mayor Rawlings-Blake, dated November 15, 2012, inquiring into the [investigation] involving the murder of Miss Annie McCann [dating back to November 2, 2008].  Having been a resident of Baltimore, MD, for over seventeen years, I am very aware there are many factors involving the high rate of crime Baltimore residents must endure.  I can also say, with conviction, that the BCPD has their hands full; however, by simply going into Perkins Homes and asking questions I am two hundred percent more determined to find the heinous murderer of this beautiful young woman, Miss Annie McCann.

After spending 10 hours, in Perkins Homes, speaking with many wonderfully kind and interested residents I am resigned that Miss McCann was in fact murdered and [dumped] in Perkins Homes.  It took very little time for me to understand that the young men who took Miss McCann's vehicle are just [idiots] of their own life's circumstances.  Certainly, no resident of Perkins Homes [regardless of their lifestyle or background] would have left the body of a Caucasian, middle class, young girl on their "back porch".  Someone [the murderer] brought Miss McCann to Perkins Homes and dumped her like trash.  "They" did this purposefully; "they" knew where Miss McCann's body would be discovered would make a difference in how the case would be handled! 

Over four years is far too long to allow a murderer of children to run the streets of Baltimore City; have they killed other young people?  How did a sixteen year old get into a bar and why would the doorman remember Miss McCann?  Who is the Caucasian male wearing a ball cap and trench coat seen leaving the car?  Why do the multitude of cameras [placed in and around Perkins Homes] show no evidence of this mystery man?  Or if Miss McCann drove herself into the area to [swig] down a half bottle of Bactine how did she avoid all the cameras?  If Miss McCann harmed herself I seriously doubt she would have done so in the parking lot of a SLUM.  Perkins Homes; what a horrible place for human beings to have to live [this is the real HOOD].  If the cameras show nothing of Miss McCann driving into the area; then the murderer knows the placement of the cameras and knew how to avoid being seen entering the area driving Miss McCann's car!  Common sense is the only thing lacking in looking at the horrific circumstances of this cherished and loved child's last moments.

As the McCann's have assured me time and time again; "Karen we know that if the BCPD would just investigate they will find the person [or persons] responsible for murdering our dear Annie."  The McCann's are good people who possess an amazing belief in the BCPD; they believe in your police departments abilities PLEASE do not let them down.   

Please get this murderer off the streets of Baltimore City, allow Miss McCann to receive justice, restoring her honor and religious beliefs.  The McCann's will never know closure; as the parent of a murdered child I know there is no closure.  However, restoring the McCann's faith in mankind and exonerating their sweet daughter [Annie] would allow them to possibly free themselves from the current emotional, physical and mental quagmire in which they have been entrenched since November 2, 2008.  Your department should keep them firmly "in the loop", Annie is their daughter, their child; they must be involved.

Thank you for your time; God bless.

I am Justin's momma

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  1. I spent four days, in April, in Baltimore City handing out [and posting] reward fliers seeking information which will lead [HOPEFULLY] to the arrest and conviction of Dan & Mary Jane's daughter;'s murderer; four years they have waited. I am talking with folks from the area of Annie's murder, learning how the area operates [meaning~every place has a life of it's own; if one takes time to notice]. I have had the honor to meet many exceptionally wonderful people in horrid circumstances who possess more optimism and faith than most of our Nation's wealthy ever will achieve; no matter how much money they have. I am learning many life's lessons through my interaction with these amazing, God fearing, loving and generous folks. In my own personal opinion I believe God led me to these folks so I will learn; thus, assisting me to find the path HE has chosen for me while I remain upon Earth. God bless I remain Justin's loving & devoted momma .